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UBA Complaint handling standards

Commodities and securities market, transactions are cash based and delivered immediately. Contracts are usually immediately effective.

To register your complaint, please visit any of our branches and speak to any front-line employee or call our contact centre on: +255 (0) 789 784 302 or +255 (0) 222 863 452/3;


Our employee will request all necessary information from you and verify the correctness

Our employee will provide you with a complaint reference number and will advise you on the time that it will take to resolve your complaint

The resolution will be communicated to you according to the preferred means of communication (email, letter or telephone)

If you are not satisfied with the resolution, you are free to log your dissatisfaction and the branch will escalate the dissatisfaction complaint to our customer complaint centre. Should you still be dissatisfied, you may escalate to UBA Senior management:

– UBA Service Quality Manager

UBA Head of Marketing & Corporate Relations

UBA Chief Operating Officer

Should you still be dissatisfied with our resolution or the complaint has surpassed our 21-day resolution period from date of logging, you may forward your complaint to the Bank of Tanzania (BOT) Complaints Resolution Desk within 14 working days. If it is a complicated matter, you will have an extension of not more than 14 working days.

A complaint that is raised more than 14 days after UBA has delivered its decision, except for complicated matters

· A complaint that is raised after 2 years since the incident that led to the complaint

· A complaint that is or has been subject to court proceedings before a court or tribunal

· A claim of which the total monetary value in respect of claim and remedy to be awarded exceeds TZS15 million

The BOT complaints forms are available in all UBA branches and an UBA customer service officer will guide you on how to complete the forms

· The complaint should be on a prescribed form, which is to be completed and signed by the complainant and submitted to BOT as per below contacts

· All complaints should be addressed to:

Bank Of Tanzania, The Complaints Resolution Desk, Office of the Secretary of the Bank, 2 Mirambo Street, PO Box 2939, 11884, Dar es Salaam.

Phone: +255 22 2233265/ +255 22 2233246


facsimile: +255 22 223406



United Bank for Africa (Tanzania) Ltd
30 C/ 30 D Nyerere Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. P.O Box 80514.

+255 78 978 4302
+255 22 286 3451
+255 22 286 4468

Whistle Blowing

Whistle blowing is any disclosure on an activity which is believed to be fraudulent, dishonest, illegal. If identified, please report suspected fraud and unethical practices with the details below:
Whistle Blowing Lines:

+255 764 700 783

  • +255 764 700 784

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